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April 16th, 2007:  In undisclosed negotiations, Universal Switching Corporation (USC) announced today that it has acquired all product lines and assets of switch module and system manufacturer, Matrix Systems Corporation (MSC) located in Calabasas CA. Founded in 1969 by Jack Singleton, MSC pioneered many advances in the manufacture of high-quality, standard and modified standard modular switching products. Many of the standard products began as a special build to meet specific customer needs. USC will support the current product line from their new facilities in Burbank CA. 

VP of Marketing at USC, Norton Alderson, indicated that "the acquisition of the MSC product line broadens the global client base for USC as well as adding strength the MSC line of products". Alderson outlines that "USC is planning to continue a good portion of the MSC line though some products will be discontinued, or available only to reorder clients". The continuing portion of the MSC product line will eventually be integrated into the USC offering. 

The original MSC core product, the 7000 Series, and its newer counterpart, the 70000 Series offer configurations that are unique and competitive in both the switching and relay industries with much of the product designed around high reliability reed-switch technology. The 70000 Series were designed to install into the standard control chassis, Model 11600.

USC will support "in-warranty" products shipped by MSC since April 16th, 2006, and will continue to support most "out-of-warranty" issues on an individual basis. For assistance with pre-sales support or reorders of MSC products, clients should contact sales@uswi.com. For post sales support with any existing MSC products, clients should contact the USC support department directly at support@uswi.com.   


Some companies respond to change, others instigate it. Universal Switching Corporation has never been happy standing still. Time and time again, we have sought to push back the boundaries of automated switching technology.


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